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Lyski Professional Building 1201 SE 223rd Avenue, Suite 180, Gresham, OR 97030
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  • Rich Miller
    Nov, 18 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Came in for consolation and the helper Kathy took the wrong x-rays and didn't read out charts. Wanted to watch a DVD for a procedure we were not there for . Found out they were going to charge us the xray. And she made it point "I won't charge you for that one". Then asked why we are here before reading the chart once! We.said we here for major surgery for the bone won't get thin. Then after asking about charge and the mix up. She basically closed out chart and said in front of the teen (patient) this won't work. It's not a good fit. Yes! We were told it's wouldn't work. Never seen the dr!! And no one cared. The poor office girl look so uncomfortable but you can tell the Kathy is the one in charge. They lost $10,000 and never seen the dr. He never came in..I was treat so low class. Sad should matter. Two insurance even.
  • Jennifer Nelson
    Sep, 19 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    First of all, let me explain that the 2 stars are for the overall experience with this establishment. I actually considered a one star but the doctor (Dr. Russell) who performed the surgery was fine. Nothing special but did the job. The front desk/billing informed me Laura and other individual who requested to repeat her name.

    Three stars goes to the doctor who performed my oral lesion surgery. No complaints and the RN is very compassionate and helpful.

    One star goes to the front desk and billing department. Let me begin with my phone call to setup the surgery. I went over the consult via the phone and discussed my insurance. I wanted to ensure no payments as I am limited on finances. I was informed they "accept all insurances." I should have checked further but was reassured they would bill for services. I went ahead and scheduled. I went in for the consultation. I was provided an estimate of charges, my surgery date, and, again, discussed insurance. They understood both my insurances (BC/BS and MetLife). I was also informed my BC/BS was called Regency. I thought (my mistake) that they knew about how to bill. I stressed I was limited income. They explained that the insurance company "MAY" send me a check which I would then turn over to them. I was confused.

    Day of surgery, I was provided pain medication and sent home. On the way out, I was informed they needed payment. I was thinking copay for the procedure. I was charged the entire amount of the procedure. My spouse was present and we both inquired about the extreme amount. We were informed that was "normal procedure." We left confused, angry, and I was not feeling well after having the procedure. I had not been charged anything prior to this meeting nor was I called about the charges beforehand.

    I decided to discuss my concerns today (no medication after surgery). I was informed that they "WERE NOT" attached to any insurance and that I was informed of this at the first consultation. I was then informed after questions that there were "No notes in the system about my insurance questions or financial limitations." I then asked why I was informed they ACCEPT insurance but was not a "provider." Clarification from billing department, "WE BILL INSURE BUT ARE NOT PROVIDERS OF ANY INSURANCE." WOW, all I can say is AVOID unless you have money to blow.

    MY RECOMMENDATION: THEY do not accept insurance but will bill WHICH means you PAY for all services. AVOID, unless you have extra money to spend.
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Pacific Oral Surgery & Implants

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